Representative of Selensoft Company in IRAN

SelenSoft Started ElectoKavir BPM project with ProcessMaker in Iran, Yazd

Refferal Partner of ProcessMaker Company

ProcessMaker is a well-know company which has an excellent reputation in BPMS. Toyota, Lenovo, Valeo and Sony are some of the clients' ProcessMaker.

Save Money & Increase Productivity & Quick Deployment

Internal rate of return(IRR) greater than 15% for 78% of BPM Projects.
67% of projects are deployed in less than 6 months.


We increase your productivity and efficiency.


An intuitive, drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for business analysts to model approval-based workflows.


Business users can easily complete form-driven processes through automated notifications and a web-based interface online or offline on multiple devices.


Managers have easy access to KPIs and metrics to make informed decisions.


Managers and analysts can continuously improve performance by discovering process bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Some of the ProcessMaker's merits

The world's best run organizations automate their most critical processes with ProcessMaker.

The lucrative features and results of ProcessMaker are as follows:
Productivity Increase, Operational Efficiencies and Costs Reduction, Business Outcomes Improvement, Paperwork Reduction, Full Control over Tasks and Activities, Shortened Time-spans when Executing Cases, Simplified Cohesive Forms, Flexible Process Designer, Crystal Clear Case Traceability and Real-Time Dashboards, Charts and KPI’s.

The IRR Index greater than 15%

Qick Deployment of Projects (less than 6 months)

Qick Deployment of Projects (less than 4 months)

Improvement of productivity gretater than 12%

Cost Effective

ProcessMaker is a cost effective and easy to use open source business process management (BPM)

Cloud & On Premise

ProcessMaker supports both PM Cloud edition and PM On-Premise edition.

Easy to implement

ProcessMaker is completely web based and accessed via any web browser, making it simple to manage and coordinate workflow throughout an entire organisation-including user groups and departments.


ProcessMaker can interact with other applications and systems such as ERP, CRM and document management. System administrators select PM because they do not have to spend a lot of time programming.


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