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 Enterprise Resource Planning

Our team has a good experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central implementation as the technical and functional consultant and project management. We managed to implement the Business Central in the different industries in the Middle East and would like to share some of the achievements in the following:

according to our experience, companies are struggling to manage their issues and challenges. Some of the most important issues are as follows:

1) Managing the master data (single source of data): in these days, data is considered as the most valuable assets. Because , it is highly reusable and it can be reused multiple times for a variety of uses. On the other hand, many companies are managing their master data in different applications and excel files and they are holding by different employees, and if the employees leave the companies, some of key data might be lost. As a result, companies have some issues to manage their master data, properly. Moreover, it is better to rely an integrated system rather than the individuals.  Besides, companies intend to aggregate business data to improve decision making.

2) Improving the organization effectiveness:  It is extremely obvious that every organization would like to enhance their efficiency, productivity and effectiveness and they are looking for some possible solutions to achieve the goal.

3) Item tracking: Companies intend to benefit from a complete history of items and their are looking for a solution to tackle theses questions as fast as possible. when and how many items did we order? when and how many item did we purchase? when and how many items did we consume in the production lines? when and how many items did we sell?

4) Consumption Management: it plays a significant role for the manufacturing industries. Materials is considered as one of the three main factors for the Cost of Goods Sold, and it is pivotal to manage the consumption from the perspective of a quality manager or a financial manager.

5) Identifying the bottlenecks of the processes and root causes of the problems: The organizations would like to find a solution to manage the mentioned issue.

6) Having a precise COGS in a real time way: The organizations would like to benefit from an accurate Cost of Goods Sold or Cost of Services Sold for every production order or service order. in the competitive market, it is important to achieve the goal if the companies intend to improve their profits and the market share.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a lot of capabilities and we assure that the aforementioned issues can be tackled with the help of this amazing application. It has an excellent user interface and releases up to date versions with new features in a regular intervals. All the function of an organization can be done with a single software. Reports will be always accurate as long as the data is fed accurately. The solution is integrated and can be easily customized. Read More… 


 Business Process Management Software
BPM stands for Business Process Management. Why is it important to manage the processes in the organizations. In the competitive market, the customer satisfaction is considered as the most important target for the companies. How to achieve the customer satisfaction? It is extremely obvious that you need to improve the quality of your products and services. How to enhance the quality of your products and services? The first thing we need to know is that the products and services are the same the final output of the organization processes. As a result, if you intend to improve the output of your processes, you need to focus on your processes components. A process resembles a function at mathematics. In other words, there are some inputs and suppliers, the operations and the outputs and customers. Hence, if you would like to enhance the output which is the same your products and services, you need to work on your process components. You should work on your suppliers, inputs and operations to achieve high quality of your products and services and at the end the customer satisfaction. Read more


 Power BI

Our team has good experience integrating Power BI with the other Process Aware Information Systems such as ERP, BPMS. We have also integrated Power BI with different tables of a particular application and Excel files. It is possible to be integrated via direct queries,  web services, Power BI embedded, excel integration and etc. You can retrieve the data based on your requirements. It can be scheduled daily, hourly and minutely. Depends on your business requirement, you can merge and append different tables and add your columns for your targeted reports and dashboards. Read more…

 Process Mining

Process Mining is a new approach which can help to organization to identify, improve and track their processes. In these days, it is not good idea to identify processes via meeting, interview and simply observing. I is best to rely on data rather than the words. On the other hand, six sigma is one of the most pivotal approaches for process improvement via variation reduction. However, from a data science point of view, traditional Six Sigma techniques cannot easily respond process complexity and large amounts of data.  Process mining not only improves Six Sigma methodology, but also eliminates non-value-added activities such as over-processing waste and waiting time via process discovery algorithms. Recently, organizations face new challenges including complex processes and large amounts of data. Traditional Six Sigma techniques usually rely on only statistical approaches to reduce variation in business processes. Read more…